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And He will wipe away all tears. Very touching story.
The older I get, the more people I say goodbye to, and the more I realize what a great gift the sacrifice of Christ is! Death is no longer permanent separation--while we wait to meet them all again, we have hope.
This was so sad but it ended so joyously. And because of Jesus, there is always hope.
This was such a sad empty-nest story, BUT I love the reunion at the end. ...and the END is what counts. :) Nice work!
I was SO hoping the officer was there to tell her he was injured or taken captive..oh, that was a gripping turn in your story - heart wrenching. But the ending left me smiling and warm.
very touching story. I salute all our armed forces and their families!
And I love a happy ending :-)
This was heartbreaking, but also a lovely reminder that one day God will wipe away all tears.
Nice. This life may seem long and we may fell like it's what we're all about... but only when we're here. When we get there, oh my, everything changes.
Absolutely beautiful! I have goosebumps every where and a tear in my eye! This is an amazing, well written story. I loved the line about how her friends did not realize "the permanence of HER empty nest." You vividly painted how lonely and difficult this life can be, but ended with the hope of our permanent home and how wonderful it will be. Brilliant. Well done!!