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This reminded me of my mom who always said a prayer before she started the car. I'm glad you added the footnote, and I enjoyed your writing.
This is a very compelling story! Children are amazingly sensitive to the divine... more, I think, than we realize. Well done.
The core of this story is very good...the imagery of the accident got my pulse up a bit, and Evan touched me. My only suggestion would be to work on the flow of this so that the jumps from the past and then back to the present aren't so abrupt. You did a great job of creating characters that involved the reader, and introducing the conflict that kept me reading. Nicely done.
Great story--Evan's a wonderful little guy.

I'd have omitted the flash forward to grown-up Evan, and expanded the characterization of yound Evan, as he's really the star of the story.

Love the title!
Great characterization and scene setting. You drew me into the story and made me feel for the mom and the son. I agree with Chely - the time shifts threw me a bit. I might consider moving the news bit above the "future" paragraph, too.
I forgot to say - it was apparent to me who "Buddy" really was. ;) The invisible friend was a nice touch.
I really related to the first few paragraphs, even though I'm not a mom...everyone has those days when you just want to get on the road! lol

I would work on the flow of the story a bit. I found myself having to read some lines more than once.

I liked how you showed a clip of Evan grown up, that he continued in his prayer life and stayed close to his "Buddy" :-) Could use some rearrangement though to help the flow.

Great message!
The tyranny of the urgent meets childlike faith. Great reminder gently given.
Loved this story. It was a little rough in spots but all in all Evan was such an engaging child. We all need a friend like Buddy. Thank you.
Good job, Kim. The accident scene in particular had me gripped to see it to the the end.
Liked the title, needs a little work but I'm sure that you can do that, just ask your Buddy where it needs smoothing out and I'm sure He'll help you :)