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My heart broke as I read this story. How sad that people take forgranted the life of a child. Thank you for showing how ugly, cold and cruel this world can be.
The first part is chilling - how easily youth can be swayed to the world's "logic". And then you brought hope as we learn about the right person being there at the right time.
Ooh, you certainly built in alot of suspense. i know this situation comes up from time to time and we all sit and wonder, 'how could she?'
I was so hoping they made it and went to live with someone who cared. But, your ending was a powerful part of the story.
very good.
Very well written and heartbreaking account of what does happen at times in our culture. Nicely done.
Excellent writing. I'm wondering, though, the babies didn't make it, according to your last sentence, did they? I will assume they did and that man and wife got to adopt them:) Very, very good job!
Too bad we treat people like trash. Whether it be a fetus, an infant, a toddler, a "messy" teen-ager or the elderly. God must be so sick of what He sees happen in this world. Thanks for reminding me that every person on earth is a treasure to our Heavenly Father.
Heart-wrenching. I was so hoping for a different ending... but thankfully the ending while sad, isn't completely sad as they went to Jesus' arms. Reminds me of a picture I saw once of Jesus kneeling on a newspaper, blood spilling down it and in his hand is an aborted baby... Lord have mercy. This was very well written.
I just read this again, and realized I missed the significance of the last line - ooooh, now I don't like it. JUST KIDDING. Actually, I like it better now, with the unexpected last words. Hammers home the harsh truth - life doesn't always have a happy ending.
Wow - I am at a loss for words. This was powerful. I kind of like that the ending was realistic, but so sad for the babies and the kind man. Good job!