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I thought this was a very creative approach to "sightseeing." Though a short piece, you did a good job descirbing both the caterpillar's and butterfly's view. One small thing that caught my eye was this sentence: "Seeing the sight of all this beauty" - it probably should read, "The sight of all this beauty," (leaving out the "seeing") No big deal, just something that jumped out at me.
Blessings, Lynda
Very good imagery. The pallet that you used should be the artist's 'palette', I think.
I never, ever would have thought of using the POV of a caterpillar/butterfly. Very original.
Very creative! I gave a little internal gasp when I figured out the cocoon (I even figured it out before you told me! hehe). :-) I liked it!
Great descriptions and very fun point of view!
You described your sightseeing beautifully, but I didn't "get it" until I read the comments. Now I see!! I would like to see you expand on the butterfly - maybe have it stretch its WINGS and fly so we slow folk could have a better chance of understanding:)
This is a very good out-of-the box viewpoint of "Sightseeing." I liked it. Wonderful imagery and descriptions.
Very creative! Shari, I love it. I agree with Lynda about the sight line (that jumped out at me too), but overall this is great fun and very original. I also agree with Crista that you could do more with it. More would be better, but a great start!
Ditto to all the above - what a great concept. Good job!