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Wonderful writing in this piece.
Oh how those terms change over the years. Very good piece showing a strong bond between mother-daughter despite the 17-year-old's embarrassment. I really liked it.
I really liked this story! You took us full-circle from the MC being embarrassed by her mom at the age of 17 to being blessed by her mom 10+ years later...The MC's transformation from an embarrassed teenager to a grateful young mother shows the maturity of an adult!
Very entertaining piece. I like the tone of your story. Somehow, I wish there had not been a gap between 17-18 and married at 21. Seems some details would have been nice...but you are limited to the 750 words.
However, I love the end where you brought it full-circle.
Awww! You wrote this well for all the youngest of the bunch out there. lol. At first, we hate being called "the baby" and then we grow out of it and realize it's just what they should call us-because of the new meaning it now has. Lovely job!
This story was so cute! I'm just hitting the 21-year-old phase of being the baby of my family (no husband or anything yet) and it's so true. Mothers know how to keep things so calm. :)
This one brought a lump to my throat as it reminded me so much of what my mum did for me, nearly 31 years ago.
Well done.
The mother-daughter bond is a very special thing. Thank you for sharing such a sweet rendition of its meaning. Congratulations on your level ranking.
Congratulations! Well done.
This reminded me of how much my mom helped me in those early years. Great story! Congratulations!
Oh, I like this alot! Very tender with just enough humor to the MC's voice. Reminds me of the days my mom came to my rescue with encouragement and wisdom, and yes I was always her "baby". (Lord, do I miss her, sigh. (It'll be a year this Sept 5th that she went to be with her Heavenly Father, and now she can be doted on and hear him call her that beautiful endearment,"Welcome home thou good and faithful servant, my child-my baby." Congratulations on your win hon and thank you so much for your kind words on my piece, A Small Shining Revelation. God bless you and keep on writing, you surely have a gift and I like how you write from the heart.:0)
I loved this Sherrie! You spanned the time between the teen years and adulthood so well. We can all relate to attitudes that shift with a little more experience with real life. Great job!