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Before anyone says it, I realized I should've spelled the MC's name Randi not y.
Your story has definite potential--you have a way with words! ("it's official, God's weird".) I like the dialogue. It feels quite real. I did get lost a couple of times tho'; I think it would help to have a space between each change of speaker. Aunt Randy apparently comes to a place at the end where she welcomes Roger. I would've liked to have seen her internal processing there. (And I don't think it matters that her name is with a "y".:-)) Keep writing!
I have to agree;Separating the dialogue would make it easier to read but I was able to follow along nicely.
Aunt Randy makes a major shift at the end that would work better if her reasons were made known to the reader. with the word limit that is a challenge. what could you eliminate earlier to give more room to the end?
J seems like a wise young man.

The story has a good message as we can probably all relate to God's 'weirdness" from time to time ;)
keep writing!
Tell you what, I'll finish writing the story and send it to you both. I'm not sure I'm happy with the ending either.
Great take on the topic and excellent voice.
Great story here with loads of potential. I also got a bit confused at first,but heh its a great story and worth reading!
I really enjoy your writing and your stories. I think you have huge potential!