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Good writing here, but I felt something was missing. Perhaps some more specifics on the situation, or even a greater sense of the importance of the decision, would help the reader better relate to the struggle the main character felt.
Yes, great set-up but disappointing to not know the situation. Because I had to decide on life support for my brother that is where my thoughts went. Perhaps you thought that'd be too controversial but death is a natural part of life.
Your husband didn't seem to be very supportive.
I LIKE the fact that you did'nt reveal the situation. I was with Lisa on the "pulling the plug theory" but it really did'nt matter. You could have been addressing a press conference for all we know.

The important thing was that you DID it when so many others would have shirked the responsibility. That's what being an adult is all about.

This was a great piece of writing.

Good writing here. Sometimes it is good to know the specifics but at other times like this perhaps we need to use our imaginations. Keep writing.
I, too, wish that I knew the situation... I was waiting on the edge of my seat...
till a good reflection of taking an adult stand, and 'Owning" the decision. Congratulations on achieving highly commended status.
well done on your highly recommended.
I like your question and answer format....reads very much like inner thoughts. Nicely done! And congrats, my friend, for your Highly Commended award! :)
I LOVED this story and the fact that you did not reveal all. These same thoughts could have been playing in my mind in any number of situations. It made it more personal. You addressed thoughts that I (and probably many of us) have experienced. Well done and congratulations on your Highly Commended.