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Great story. I, too, am thankful for that "lifeline", and remain prayerfully watchful.
Good story. I liked the analogy you presented.
a lovely descriptive story. I loved the think back to her as a child in the mint green snow suit, some more comparisons beween the 5 yr old and the teen would be interesting. I was not sure if the writer was the mum or dad but I kida guessed it was the dad , a clue would have been helpful.
Nicely done and a fitting conclusion.
I guess that teens have to work it out for themselves. By this stage it's up to their parents to have laid a good foundation with which to make their decisions. If the foundation is shaky, no amount of last minute advice is going to make a difference. My eldest has turned fifteen so we have the joy (and the pulling-out-of-hair) and we watch to see how he will do!
I like your style! Good story and message!
Well done. I enjoyed this piece.