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Precious are a mother's prayers. This a wonderful reminder that as parents we must pray for our children and claim the answer even before we see it. Good job.
You have captured the love and concern of a mother. I've heard my mother call my name in prayer,it's a beautiful thing! Wonderful example for our children, knowing we pray for them. Love the tenderness of the story.
You nicely captured the emotions of the mother of a teenager in this piece. Good work.
this was a good story. I got confused with the characters though,I think it would have been easier if you had put the kids names by there ages. I was not sure if it was the 12yr old or the 16 yr old who was out late and which one was at college etc. You also told the story from several peoples views and maybe it would have been beteer to stick with just the mums concerns re her daughter. Just a few pointers that would help me.
Awesome story. I am going through this same sorta thing with my son right now, I could totally relate. good writing!
P. S. thanks for the conformation. Pastor just spoke about the Prodical Son story at church last night and the amount of unconditional love God has for each of us as a Father!
Could totally identify with the mother in this story. Thank God that the prodigals do come home and thank God for mothers who pray.