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This has just the right balance of light-heartedness and seriousness. Well written.
I enjoyed this lighthearted account of your salvation and I love the way your title "The Eternal Sunner" so fits your summer of salvation.
good storyline. It started with lots of lovely descriptive turns of phase and I personally would have liked it to continue. The change in tempo once the MC got to camp may have been deliberate but I thought that the question and answer bit and the part that followed seemed to hurry along a bit. I expect this was due to trying to fit it into the word count. Maybe you could write a longer story as I love your writing style and I think you capture the teenage attitude well. Pity you cant use it for this weeks teenage theme.
I loved this teenage salvation story. Isn't it amazing how teenagers have that gift of the eternal summer. Very well written.
The title fits this piece perfectly. Well done.
Lovely story--I didn't realize it was actually a testimony until the last paragraph!

The voice seemed somehow older than a teen voice--explained by the last paragraph, but I wonder if it'd 'work' better without the summary at the end, and written more as a teen would speak.

Great title.
I liked how you changed the explination of the two 'yes' answers. Nicely done testimony!

"I simply said yes because I knew the question was nothing more than rhetorical."

"I simply said yes knowing that the question was anything but rhetorical."
What a great testimony from the vantage point of a teenager. They're my favorite age group anyway, so this was a particularly enjoyable read for me. Beside that, it's very well written! Kudos!
The Q and A part-lol. A very nice story. It would make a great longgger one.
Thank you for sharing this well-written testimony!
I didn't think roller blades were around until the 1980s. Nevertheless, you did a great job with your writing. First person is hard to do.
Simply lovely. I liked the way the rhectorical "yes" played out. Great stuff!
Don't you wish you would have saved this for the teen topic? Don't you hate when that happens? LOL. I like this story. Very good. I have lots of fond memories of summer church camp.
Gotta love those God-encounters. I like your reference to the question merely being rhetorical.
Very skilled writing! Nice segues, and an interesting story that flowed from beginning to end beautifully. The Q&A is a nice touch - makes the reader stop and think along with your MC. I enjoyed this entry.
Cat :D
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