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Beautifully written
I loved this story since I am still driving a 1993 green car which takes me places and yes it is part of my family.
There is more to this piece than just the car, right? I'm still pondering and relating it to life. Good job.
Interesting POV, well handled. I still remember crying in the driveway when the old red station wagen went off with her new owner. Great title, btw.
Very unique and wonderful take on the topic! Love this point of view and the way you brought out this family's years through the "eyes" of the family car!
Never knew cars had feelings. I'll consider talking to my car now that I know. Oh, and by the way, it's interesting what I read in between the lines.
Very clever and well written. Enjoyed reading this:)
I really enjoyed this creative and fun story from a car's POV as it experienced the twilight years. This held my interest from start to finish and loved the sweet personality you gave to your car, the MC.
Very creative writing and congratulations on you placing!