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This is a beautiful piece
As my mother used to say "Old age is not for wimps."
It's good to see that with all your loses, you haven't lost either your sharp menatl ability and sense of humor.
Very humorous poem and that is definitley needed in facing the twilight years!
This brought the smile to my face which was sorely needed today. Really loved reading it:)
i like this poem the repitition is very effective. It almosts sooths like a lullaby or like swinging in a rocking chair
I love this poem. As a woman over 55 I can truly relate to this meassage!

I do think the repetition of "In those twilight years" is too often. It's a little too distracting and interrupts the though and rhythm of the poem. Perhaps repeating it after every two stanzas instead of every one, would help.

One thing that encourages me is that Caleb was in his 80's when God used him in battle to fight the Canaanites and secure the promised land. We may be in the twilight years, but God's not done with us yet! Keep on writing and encouraging. You did a great job!
Totally agreed. A great story right there.