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Good write-up
I think the contrast of the old dog and the old person very clever.thank you
I liked this very much.
I enjoyed the contrast between the dog and her father. Alzhiemers is a devastating reality that some of us face as we grow older. Well written story.
Very powerful and well written. Spaces between paragraphs would make it easier to read. Nice.
You brought back, very vividly, the years I spent as a nurse and a couple of patients I took care of through those sad and very heart-wrenching times.
Beautiful and moving. Really enjoyed this story. I always find it easier to read a piece, if there is a double space between paragraphs.
Well done :)
Very well written.
Really good. Enjoyed the read, very believable and touching, captured both the sadness and faithfulness.
Very touching, and well done. Thanks for sharing this.
Ahhh...very tender. It isn't always fair, is it, the way we have to say good-bye to our loved ones and our pets. It's so good to be reminded that ALL life has value...even when it seems the purpose of the life is missing...just to give and receive love is reason enough!
I am soooo moved. I went through the dementia with my mom and kept her home until the end. Sometimes it seemed like centuries of sadness.

And now, I'm going through the same thing as you with my 19-year-old cat and I simply can't put her down because of the constant messes.

I can't help tearing up at this so-well-written story.
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Hope to see you at the FaithWriters' Conference in August. It’s going to be an amazing time of inspiration, information and encouragement. (If I’ve already mentioned that to you, forgive me. We’re just so excited about letting members know about this great gathering.)

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