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We ought to praise God. He is worthy to be praised. Nice one
This was short but so packed full of truth. I enjoyed this very much.
So much wisdom in so few words. Good job.
I liked your different ideas. Perhaps you could have expanded more on the subject. Well done on what you wrote:)
This is beautiful. Since it is so concise, could you put in poetry form? I loved it.
Crisp and insightful.
good one! even though it is short I would have liked some spaces.
Good writing, exceedingly condensed into profound meaningfulness - Thanks Colin
Short, sweet, truth, and to the point. I like that.
I ran across your brick in the wrong spot. Sorry to see this comment is the only one so far, but that's probably why. It is nearly impossible to read through all the entries, so people have a tendancy to read the ones with hints and bricks.

You have an excellent way with words, but this could use a couple paragraph breaks and a little tweaking.

Also it would be nice to see each thought expanded, rather than just a line or two. Don't take this to the bank; I'm a beginner.

What great insight you have.
Keep these coming.

Hoo boy! I didn't scroll down far enough- you got a bunch of replies! LOL