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Wow! Quite the drama going on here! Kept me on the edge of my seat! Thanks for sharing!
Good story..road rage is at a peak these days.
Wow! Quite exciting and dramatic. A little lesson for our own actions.
Well written for the most part. Thanks for posting.
An adrenaline rush inducer! God's gets the glory for the outcome here.
Well, that is a different way to retreat and learn a lesson! What a gripping piece of writing - well done!
Good action writing. The intro. was a little too long, you could have given yourself more word space for the action by cutting out a little of it.
Definately a top 8 contender ... since it is a strong entry I'mm going to pick on the only two faults I see.

1. watch your adverbs. Use a stronger verb instead. Adverbs detract from the flow almost eveytime used.

2. You had a perfect suspense-filled serious story all the way throughout... right up until the last line. In my humble opinion when you write: "But next time can my lesson be less dramatic?" it undoes the tension you had played so well in the rest of the piece. Leave the man weeping before God and the end note would have been perfect.

My 2 cents. All that said, I see this with top 8 potential this week. You're on a roll!
Wow, very exciting! Good job.