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I really liked this very realistic family.

FYI--It was Ward Cleaver, not Hugh.

Your writing is very good!
Your intriguing title caught my attention, as I like parables myself! :)

My favorite part of your story was your description here: "I liked to hear the words flow from grandpa’s lips.

They were sweet like the berries Mom served for dessert and each time grandpa spoke he added a dollop of whipped cream to his stories."

What a blessing to his family that God changed Grandpa's heart! :)
Your title drew me in and I was not disappointed. Your characters were realisitc, your writing was filled with creative phrases, and you held my interest from start to finish. Very, very good.
Excellent! Creativity, dialogue, writing, story-all!
Your story was filled with Life. Good and bad. Refreshing.

I loved the voice - consistant throughout and the homespun quality made it genuine enough to have been drawn from a real family. I just had to keep reading to see what changed grandpa. Good job!