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I don't know what to say except I thought this was really good! Your writing was excellent. While I'm not sure I believe all the end-time "signs" people are pointing to, I do believe that Jesus is coming, and soon, so I liked the way you tied that in at the end. Good job!
With Costco pretty much our second home--I can definitely relate to this! Really like the way you tied it in with our need to share Christ--to see and feel the urgency before "the store closes." Great story.
I really enjoyed this story and its important message of focus and urgency in these last days! Good job! :)
I believe the reason God doesn't tell us when He's comming back is because we wouldn't do anything any differently and we'd be more guilty for our laziness. Oh! We say we would and we might even convince ourselves, but we say and do not, now. We rush by people in a hurry to shop or whatever. Thanks for sharing!
You have some great thoughts here for us to ponder. The entire story was well-written. Your title pulled me in and the story didn't disappoint. Well done!
After the rush of getting all that was needed coming out of an afternoon snooze that lingered too long...the inspiration from above connects are practical world moments to are spiritual and eternal moments. This happens to me often, now if we could all act on those moments in obedience...what a difference we could all be making for the Kingdom of God. Excellent writing and challenge, thanks.