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Very touching and good ending.
What a beautiful story, very nicely done. I used to work in Hospice and it brought back many memories of my patients. One note, your choice of the word "bare" {to expose, to uncover} should have been "bear" {to hold up, to tolerate}.
Great use of the topic words.

I occasionally lost track of who was talking/thinking. Maybe the use of italics to indicate thoughts would clarify it?

Love your title, and the story arc is well-constructed.
WOW - this was really touching. Fiction and non-fiction and Christian writing, will keep me wondering everytime I read an artical now. But I liked this one. Good job
Oh, Debby, you have captured the moment so beautifully and heart-wrenchingly, too. I think it is such a gift to one we love, to be there and to hold on until the end. God's mercy endures forever and covers us with His comfort through times like these. I want to thank you, too, for leaving a comment on my story "When Heaven Came Crashing Down." I sure appreciate you!