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What a wonderful commentary on being "updated". I loved your humor and would love to read more of your "stuff".
I loved your story! I laughted so hard, because it is so true. Who doesn't get frustrated when someone talks so fast,when doing business on the phone. Thanks for sharing your story.
So much fun to read. Thanks for the great story.
Your MC is precious. I always fall for older ladies hook, line, and sinker. Good writing. I really love this.
Interesting read. Don't you hate it when you haven't a clue what the tech-guy is asking?
This was so much fun to read. I still get befuddled when talking to a computer techie; so I hand it off to my husband (hehe)
Lots of humor in this piece. While "hard" was obvious, I'm not sure I could see the connection to the "soft" part of the challenge, though. Might just be me, though. I'm glad things worked out for the main character.
I'm proud of Gram for stepping up and actually diving in to the tech nightmare. What an awesome tool for those who are willing to take the dare. Good job!
Very entertaining and also very realistic. I love your Gram character. Terrific job!
A very down to earth and interesting read. Gram certainly needs some software drivers for her printer and scanner. Technology is a tool which can certainly help us get upgraded to serve God better.
Fantastic! Wonderful writing that had been giggling and identifying!
(To be honest, think you deserve the first place ahead of me!)
Whoops!! Meant to say '...had me giggling and identifying'!!
I really liked your story. We older ladies can still do the things we used to but maybe better. Gloria