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Clever idea!

I'd love to know which one it is that leaves with the former president!
Well that was definitely a different read, but enjoyed your take on the subject.
Very clever and smart. Loved it.
Very creative and edgy. Found it a little hard to follow the dialogue/monologue in the first paragraph - maybe it was the punctuation, I'm not sure. Quite an enjoyable read - good job.
*clap, clap, clap* LOVE this witty and clever piece!
This idea is so witty; with a little work, the whole thing would smooth out. Clever.
Your title drew me in, and your creative tale propelled me along. I love the link you made between Ahab and today in the US, deftly illustrating that the faces may differ, but the sins are as ancient as the Fall. The social commentary had just the right edge, and as much as I might have liked to know who joined George, I think you did very well to leave that to the reader's conjecture.