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Well done on a very controversial subject. I enjoyed this entry.
Incredible. No-one should have to live in such crushing servitude. Well done for showing how much it happens, and how important love is in overcoming such problems.
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It is sad that people in different parts of this beautiful world must obey such beliefs and be chattel only. This story tells the truth and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for telling a very true story of how others live in this world.
Great story and well written. Thank you for this entry!
This story is very sad yet hopeful in the end.
There is one thing I noticed. It's minor really; just the spelling of Rehana's name shifted to Rahana a couple times. Other than that, I thought this was a great story.
I really liked reading the story especially because of it's happy ending to the sad situation in the beginning. I was left a little hanging though when Kathleen asked God to help her explain His perfect love for Rehana, but she didn't actually explain anything about His love to her. However, I did like the way His love was shown to her through Kathleen and Dan when they invited Rehana and her husband into their home as house guests until they could make it on their own. Great story!
Wonderful story. So very sad that this still happens. You have done an excellent job with this. I have to admit, I was so taken up with the story, I didn't notice the change of name :-)
Love the way you were able to open the window to show the reader another world. Great job with customs, emotions, descriptions, all of it! I like the way, too, you were able to link the Christian Faith to the meaning and understanding of love. The apostle Paul does this so well, but it is often overlooked by people who have grown up in a Christian community.

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