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Nice. Very nice. It's sad that this is happening in many countries in Asia. May God help them
Thank you for this story which highlights the persecution of Christians in many parts of Asia. I liked this one.
This is a very powerful piece. I liked the way you demonstrated the incredible secrecy that must go into a Christian life in an irreligious nation. By the way, don't forget to read some of the other stories in Intermediates and leave feedback. Let's all help one another.
If only us blessed with freedom could truly comprehend the devotion, bravery and faith of those who worship in secret. We would see are daily devotion and prayer time as more of opportunity then a ritual. I had to stop and pray for my brothers and sisiters in these persecuted lands. Thanks for the images and reminders that God's Word is so precious.
This article tells a great truth which we truly do not think about because we can read our bibles go to church and praise God openly. Thank you for pointing out how people outside of the United States must hide and meet in secret to worship God. Good job.
This kept my attention and was informative at the same time. I felt like I was sitting in the room with them. Well done.
I felt the awesomeness of this quiet meeting. You wrote the scene well.
Very impressive piece. It really engaged the reader and presented a slice of life that is not familiar to everyone. It also points out in a subtle way, how effective reverence for the Bible and the Word can be. Those things done in silence can be dynamic and your article articulates this very well.
I really liked the way you illustrated the power of silent prayer in this setting. Because of the persecution I can understand the reason for it in this story. Even though no words were spoken, I could feel the spirootual impact of sch a meeting.

Something to consider is that I wasn't quite sure why the Lord's Supper was not served with real elements though...I think some further explanation for not having real elements would strengthen the story. Also, I don't think having real elements would take anything away from the powerful silent setting either.

Great writing to make me feel like I was actually there in the room.