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Ohhh. So engaging. I love this so much. Great writing.
Quite a unique POV. God bless the turtle - um-m-m, excuse me, I mean tortoise. :)
Cute story--would work well in a Christian science curriculum for elementary students.
Since I love both Science and Creationism, I really enjoyed this story! Lots of little clues about who "Charles" is and I agree with Jan that kids would love reading this in a Christian curriculum.
Charles wrote the fairy tale and the humans DID believe it. We should have listened to Clarence and Terrence. Well written. You might have put a few more South American references so the judges wouldn't miss that it IS on topic, but, hey, our judges are all smarter than Charles.
I like the idea of Darwin looking a tortoise in the eye--and missing the point. I like Mama Tortoise washing his son's mouth out with sea foam. Too bad we can't do the same with the impact of Darwin's writings, especially since he himself acknowledged his errors before death.
Oops! Mama Tortoise washed out HER son's mouth...that will teach me to type before I can fully open my eyes! :-) Good job!
This is good on a lot of levels - it's entertaining, amusing without being over-the-top cutsie, and the lesson/story is simply amazing. You wove it in without being preachy. Love your characters! I'm not so crazy about the last line - it doesn't seem to fit - but that's just my personal opinion. Great entry!
Very good story told from the turtle's perspective. See- even the animals mock Darwin's theory:) Good job.

I wrote an entry from a turtle's perspective once. What is our fascination with these creatures, anyway? LOL.
I really love your stories and your writing style. Good job! Keep it up!
This one had me laughing... Great job!
Delightful story from a gifted writer
Very creative and fun! I love stories from an animals pov. Lots of great detail in here.
Wonderful story! Well done!
Congrats on your first place award!