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Was a compelling read. Left me feeling safisfied like eating a good meal but also wanting to know more with a few unanswered hooks in there.
I was hoping someone would tell a story about the falls. Good work.
Anyone who would dare to go over those Falls in a barrel better pray! I remember hearing stories of one such person. I could never do it myself.
Good writing.
I'm glad someone wrote about the stunts that Niagara Falls has been witness to. This is a very good story.
Putting this within the structure of a bedtime story was a wonderful idea, and I really like the way you handled the flashbacks. I expect to see you moving up again soon.
Very well told! I love the format of the flashback, and then the girls waking her to finish telling the story. The ending is precious - the auntie's warning to her nieces. Nicely done!
Your writing style is consistently masterful. I enjoyed your entry.
I enjoyed this a lot, great humor and insight into the craziness of the fight for fame and fortune. You have a wonderful knack for telling a good story.
Well, I've never heard this story told quite like this, lol. How fun, you made it real and I still wanted to read more even at the end. Good job! ^_^
I enjoyed this read very much! Well done. :)
I think I could safely say you'll be moving up. Your stories are fresh and interesting.
Congrats on moving up to Advanced. You already have one EC... two more will bring you up to Masters where you belong. I look forward to reading the entries that get you there.