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As much as I like Lewis, I had no idea that he died on the same day as John Kennedy. That's interesting to know. He was and is a great influence on Christian thought.
Very well done! I could just hear Walter Cronkite's voice as I read.
I guess the fact of Lewis' death being on the same day as Kennedy was greatly overshadowed. This was very informative and interesting to read. Thanks.
Very informative and well written. I have a number of friends who have been greatly impacted by these men. both through their writings and the films that resulted.
A warm tribute to a great British writer. I think that an obituary would have quoted Lewis' full name: Clive Staples, but then again maybe things are different in America. I think it's wonderful the way the recent Narnia movies are bring his stories to a new generation. BTW Lewis also wrote a Sci-Fi trilogy where the allegory is even more explicitly Christian than in the Narnia books. But as they were written before the era of space travel, they come across as more dated and hence are not as popular today. Thanks for a good read.
Well done and congrats on your EC! Love this!
Congratulations on your EC! Your angle is unique and interesting! Who knew? Not many, it seems.
CONGRATULATIONS on your EC win! I wasn't aware that Lewis died on that date, either. Unique and very interesting story. Well done!
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR E.C.! I am a big Lewis fan, of both his fiction and nonfiction, and greatly enjoyed your fascintating and informative "news story"! :)
Congrats on your EC and your category win, too! I really like the novelty of your fictional approach while giving factual information. Nicely done!
Fascinating subject, interesting facts, and well presented. Great job! And congrats!
...yes, something to think about here... love your title and your creativity.. Congrats on your EC!!
Your entry began to read to me like a great Christian Writer's Credo for writers who truly wish to reveal God and His Truths through storytelling. Of course, the level that C.S. Lewis existed on is a bit up there, but I was still very stirred and convicted by it. Thanks.