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I liked your story, although I was ready to give Guy a thrashing, and she just rolled with the punches.
I agree. Guy's a jerk who deserves to have to sit through an opera. Good on ya, Carol!
Oh, I definitely wanted to throttle that guy--she had much, much more patience than I would have. Great job of drawing us in to the story.
What a clever woman. I think she planned that from the start just so she could get her own way.
The story really draws you in regardless if you agree with the way the husband behaved or not. I don't think I would have titled it "Cuff Links" especially since you spelled it differently a couple of times in your piece. Once you referred to them as 'it' being a pair it should have been 'them'. Nitpicking I know but helpful I hope. Brush up a couple areas and this will a good entry.
I liked the Cuff links title myself- it drew me in because it was different.Yes we could all throttle him, but you made him believable; The ending was fun too- if a bit deceptive.
I thought the man was very condescending. Carol deserves better!
Fun read!

I like Carol as a character. :) And yep. We're all mad at Guy! :)

I don't know if it's my Canadian sensibilities or what, but the toilet flushing and Carol coming out of the bathroom is, in my opinion, just "too much information." : /

Oh. I like the title, too. :)

Good job with details. I especially liked it when she sprayed him with cologne. Did that have a double meaning?!
Great article, and so much human interaction - believable. I thought the husband was just a bit overly 'me oriented.'

But I was so glad Carol found the cuff links.