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I share each of your dreams, and I also beleive that, for the most part, we're on our way. Guess I'm just an optimist. Thanks for this entry.
I'm not sure this fits just the topic "The United States". I'm sure there are many countries which share these "dreams".
I thought this was kind of cool. :)

"with the power of a prophet" - good word usage. I liked how you mentioned John Lennon and Barack Obama as well as Jesus and John.

What I feel is somewhat lacking is emotion and description. Some of the "I dream" points seem a little cold and technical. I would like to see more of YOU in there rather than just the bare-bones statements.

Why do you feel as you do?
I share these dreams. Unfortunately, we live in a sinful world. We can only try to make as many of those dreams a reality as we can in our limited personal ability. One day though, those dreams will come true. . . when Jesus Christ rules and reigns. . .

I look forward to that future.
Anne, I just ran across this in free-reprints. I think it's very creative. Your title phrase is so perfect for many of the dreams you list. Your writing is very eloquent. Thanks for these thoughts.
I wanted to make a comment about your comment to my article in the Europe challenge "Across 110th Street". Remember there is a 750 word limit and there had to be a setup first to explain why the MC felt different than her classmates and to lay the scene for people like yourself who is not aware of the adject difference a street makes in New York, with the class system.

Now, my comments for this article would be, black and Negro would be the same thing. First paragraph needs reworking altogether, the rest of article is rather matter-of-fact but overall well written. Keep writing.