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I feel your hunger to add more and more real-time tragedies to this prose. We rarely take time to consider those who are most in need of His warmth, His love, His covering and His salvation. Christmas can indeed be a grievous time for those who suffer, but as obedient and loving servants of the Christ, we must take the time and action to be the instruments of God that we are called to be.

If we know these folks, or others like them, we must go and tell them His truth - and if they do know Him - then extend compassion, hard-earned money that we may have, food for the table and hugs for the children.

You have encouraged my blatherings! But I thank you so much for your compassion for others.
I just read this again, singing the stanzas to my husband. How much more powerful this became. I was in tears before the last stanza.
Interesting writing style. Nice job. :)
I really love your stories here, and the main lines of your version of "deck the halls" is wonderful. I did get a little thrown off by the wa, la, and awe, and might suggest leaving that line as just "fa la la" like the song, but that could be just me. Wish you would have been able to add a few more stories for greater impact. Although this is already pretty impactful as is.
I really like this format. It makes the piece unique and interesting. Good message, too.
Reading this again, with the tune in my head, really did make this more powerful. Well done. Creative.
Both the prose and the poetry were well-written and compelling.

However, I felt a disconnect between them--not really sure how they related to each other. I'd have kove to know more about the people portrayed in the narrative sections.

Great title, and cute (punny) hint!
I agree to stick with the fa-la-la's - and I think the writing's great....but the stories seem unresolved. I would like to see more of how their situations turned around, with hope as the resolution. Anyway, that's my HO. Very creative entry!
Yes, the fa la la la would probably fit better.
It is tough to get all you want to say into such a short boundary, I know. However, expansion could definitely help with the two narratives. I felt left hanging, with nothing resolved.
This is really good writing.
Superb writing in the 2 scenes, and I like the re-written lyrics. I like the wa wa's la la's and awe awe's. They reflect the mood you portray in each stanza of the song. Wa wa - whatever, just charge it. La la, la-ti-da - I don't see the person in need. Awe Awe - I'm in awe of my Lord. I do agree that I feel like I'm left hanging, but after reading a 2nd time, I see that the last stanza IS the resolution to the problems. Stand in awe of the Lord, worship Him, trust in Him through the storms in your life.