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This is such great writing! And I could just see it really happening. What a guy.
I don't know whether this story is true or not, but it's great in the telling--VERY funny! And so well written, too. Kudos to you.
This story brought a smile to my face. I especially enjoyed Samson looking to make sure he did not have to face the intruder alone. This was a a fun read! Thanks for the delightful entertainment.
Just the right balance between humor and intrigue! Glad Ed had the presence of mind to both comfort his wife and keep his sense of humor! Flows nicely between initial shock of missing husband to missing car to Maureen's missing the fact the Mustang was hers--great!
Great suspense, very good writing.
This was a lot of fun. The panic of the MC came across well as did the shyness of the 'guard dog'. I also liked the way the mystery was resolved in a satisfactory conclusion. I wasn't sure however about the last few closing lines, whether they couldn't been reworked to be punchier. Then again, I don't know the TV show. Well done and thanks for the smile
Nicely done! A very creative entry! :)
I was engrossed in your story...certain along with your MC that someone was up to no good! Guess I, too, need to change my TV viewing habits! Great story and excellent writing.
Great! I love the suspense you built while the wife was shaking in the bedroom. Even tho I was suspecting her husband was up to something, I didn't know. You grabbed my attention. Good ending, too. :)
Good writing. Interesting story. Nice job. :)
Aww Connie, this was great. I didn't guess what was happening until after the police arrived and Mike mentioned a surprise. Very realistic, good writing and a fun story.
Congratulations!!! Great writing.
Congratulations for 1st place Connie, it's up, up, up the ladder for you to Advanced. Well done!
Congratulations on your excellent win, Connie. As well as your 1st Place win in Level 2, you also made it into the Top 40 overall, ranking 21st out of all the entries. Well done! That's an excellent achievement.

Time to move up to Leve 3 now.

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With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
LOL - great title, great suspense, just plain ole great writing. I totally did not guess the ending! Awesome, and congrats to you.