The Official Writing Challenge
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I am blessed! and will add this to my favorites for encouragement on days when i'm so busy and tired that I may wonder if it matters that I write. THANK YOU!
Very creative turning the topic on its head, so to speak - giving a gift to God! And the gift of writing, too. I really like this piece.
Very creative and insightful! I was going to comment yesterday that we had picked the same title for our pieces (mine in Beginners - ironically we are one after the other on the message Board too!) BUT I realized yesterday I would be giving away too much so waiting til Throw a Brick time. Really a GOOD story!
Love your unique twist of topic. What a blessing to read. Thank you. :)
A fitting tribute, well presented back to the one to whom we owe all.
this was very good, I really liked the different POV. sometimes I wonder why I bother writing, this is a response i will have to remember.
Thank you SO much. I really needed to read this today. Very creative entry. Well done.
I think this is the most beautiful and well-written entry that I have read of your so far, Marlene. I would truly hope that my writing blesses Him and brings glory to His wonderful name.

Thank you for taking the time to honor Him with this piece. I'm sure He is smiling in delight at this. :)
This was so good! I read the first sentence and was hooked. Figures scattered across the world sat, thought, wrote, prayed, listened, wrote again. The thought of Christian writers throughout the world seeking guidance from the Father for every facet of their writing, brings the truth home, that writing is a gift from God, and that we, in turn, give our writing back to Him. Well done Marlene, this was great!