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What a beautiful poem and a joy to read! It could have meaning of someone in days past or today's average seeking Christian. "God Bless" I Loved It!
You've written a timeless treasure!
How true. Nice article and beautifully described. God bless ya, littlelight
Very well done.
A really enjoyed this!
Just beautiful this poem with its internal rhyming scheme. I think it needs to be published.
Good words, cries for beat and measure.
Ed, this was truly a beautiful poem and so it was heartbreaking when I found out that it was under the minimum count allowed for the Challenge. It came in at just 134 words, and the minimum is 150. So close, but we had to disqualify it to be fair to everyone else. Please, please, please keep entering. You are a gifted writer and I really do hope to see more of your work in the Challenge in the future. Just keep the word count limits in mind - 150 minimum and 750 maximum. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I enjoyed this. The last three lines were the best. You need to put the lines you left out in and put it in your article section.
There is a lot of truth in these words.
Homeward Bound, indeed, and may we all keep our eyes on "the greater prize." Wonderful entry!!
So much wisdom and things to ponder here. Nice, Pup - and I wanna know what's in the last four lines!
I love the concept of 'camping' here--very temporary and a graphic reminder that this truly is not home. Thanks!! :-)
OK, so the first thing I noticed was that your title is that of a famous DOG movie, which totally seemed appropriate. :-) Love the poem - especially excellent for your first entry. Nice work!
A very nice first entry I'd say! Great poetry flow!