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Very cute story. This was done well. Good job.
Poor Goose--causing his grandpa's death! This was cleverly written, right down to the end.
Not so happy lesson taught in this story. :[ Unique idea for the given topic. :]
Clever, and a great voice. Great message for all those "gooses." :D
Loved the POV. GOOD story for kids of any age!
Nothing like the cold hand of experience to get those rowdy goslings to listen! What a creative take on this topic! Very cute...except I felt sorry for poor Ol' Grandpa Gander. His goose was cooked. (Oh, c'mon...somebody had to say it!)
LOL Cute story! It took a little rereading to figure out the story. You did a great job with the dialogue, though making it more "bird" speak could lend it well to a children's story. Nice work!
See, I told you it was good. Congratulations!
So much for playing around! Way to win placement and move on up to Advanced! :) Birdspeak....hmmm....maybe some type of dialect that includes squawks and that sort of thing....I'm not that great with dialect....maybe ask a child how a bird would talk. They have great suggestions. LOL Great deserved a win. :)
OK, I forgot the title until the end and so was a bit more surprised than I should have been, but I really liked the suspense! Great creative take on the topic. Well done and congrats!