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Nice touch with the aroma of the fresh baked cookies awakening your MC. Imaginative. :)
This is a unique take on the topic. Good job.
Very interesting. I wondered what was going on at first, and then I realized that the boy was dreaming about his grandmother after the accident. Cool approach to this week's topic. Thank you for sharing.
At first I wondered what was going on. I love how the smell of grandma's cookies got through his hazy state and brought him around. Nicely done.
Nice, a different approach, I liked it. I could smell the cookies, too.
Your title fits your creative, sweet story very nicely.
Please pass the tissue...
I was a little confused when you changed POV at first, but as I read, the confusion turned to understanding.
In my opinion, this is very well written.
I was just a little confused and had to reread a bit, but I liked this story and it is a very creative take on the topic. Nice work!