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The silence hung between them like a fence composed of heavy linked chain What a great description! I really enjoyed this story - from the title to the last sentence.

You painted the scene well and put me in the picture. The sudden loss of electricity would have made me panic if I'd been in the same situation.

Well done, great story.
I could feel the tension of a young wife trying to measure up to her in-laws' standards! I'm glad the mother-in-law judged her by what was more important rather than by external things. Great job.
She was more worried about her mother-in-law's opinion of her cooking, but it turns out that the mother-in-law was looking at the more important things. Very nice story with a great ending! I enjoyed reading this. :)
Great story. I wanted to know what happened, and the ending did not dissappoint.
I love that Sherry didn't let the power failure ruin their day. Also, how the mother in law expressed her happiness at the kind of wife her son had married. Nicely written, wonderful story.
Creative story - loved the silence and chain link fence quip. Very descriptive.
Excellent story--beginning to end. I remember how frightened I was as a bride to prepare a meal for my husband's family, but I'm thankful they were just as concerned with the most important matters, just like the mother in your story.
I liked this piece very much! Nice work.