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Haha. This story was cute and it made me smile. It reminds me of when my grandfather accidentally put cayenne pepper in his apple pie instead of cinnamon. But he couldn't blame Timmy for that one. Thank you for sharing this fun story. :)
This was cute and something that I think all of us have experienced one time or another. I can almost see the faces after the family experienced the long awaited dessert only to be suprised by such saltiness. Grin. Thx for writing this, I liked this one.:0)
It's so true that it's the disasters that make the best stories; stories we'll be telling our grandchildren! This was well told, though I felt I'd have been hooked for longer if the answer to the mystery could have been revealed a little later.
Thanks for sharing this "event". You have included many good descriptions in your piece. :)
Very cute story, and well-constructed, too. I'm glad Aunt Mae wasn't offended in the end.
This is very well written. I like the characters and Timmy's honesty. Nice job!
I could just see everyone sitting around the table, pie uneaten, afraid of hurting the aunt's feelings. Good job of storytelling.
Very well written, and a cute story. Poor Timmy was only trying to help! :)
I love the suspense you created with everyone "frozen in their seats" awaiting "Aunt Mae's 'prize winning' Blueberry pie." How hilarious that this happened… and sad too , at the waste of a good blue-berry pie. :) What a memory this must be for your family! :)
I had an "uh-oh" moment as soon as Timmy entered the kitchen. Loved the way you teased out the suspense. Poor Timmy - lol or should that be poor Aunt Mae? Very enjoyable story :)
I had a roommate who put cinnamon-sugar on our steaks once, thinking it was salt-n-pepper! LOL Great story - and fun memory!
Reminded me of a time that salt was put on cinnamon-sugar toast instead of sugar. We spit that out too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.