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This was very touching. A very good story to share of how we need to keep going and celebrate life, not death. Thank you
Thank you for sharing your story. It took me back to my father's death which was 10 days before Christmas in 1985. He also died young (60 years of age). You did an excellent job of describing the sorrow and joy in grieving the lost of a loved one at Christmastime. This was a well-written piece.
Emotion filled, tenderly written personal narrative. Love the husband's encouragement that the life lived after the loved one's passing would honor her. Thank you for sharing this piece. :)
Thankyou for sharing. In loving memory of Nancy Lucille was touching. It was well-structured and the point is well taken without being overdone. It isn't the same without them but our mother's and grandmother's would want us to celebrate the real Reason for the season.
Nancy Lucille Goldberg--sorry it's been a long day. I also liked how Amazing Grace was woven in.
The POV shifted between first and second section, but that doesn't draw away from the excellent writing you did on this piece. Nice work!
What a lovely way to honor those who've gone from our lives. Celebrate their life. I love that.
Congratulations on 2nd place.
Congratulations on your 2nd place. The format of this is very good--and the story brought tears to my eyes. Nice job with the topic.
Heather, Nancy Lucille has a beautiful grandaughter/daughter. You must have been her delight. She is honored as I read this. What a wonderful piece! Her memory lives on in your writing, never give up. Continue writing. She is watching, proud, with a great big smile on her face cheering you on.
It has been a great experience reading your piece, full of wonder and magic. Left me feeling hope and joy... Keep it up! Write on...
Thank you so much everyone for your awesome comments and red tape! This was the story of my grandmother and most of it was true. =)
Heather, way to go girl!!!! I knew this was a good one.
Very moving entry and a well-deserved placement. Your grandmother obviously holds a very special place in your heart. And your husband is a hero if he managed to pull off getting the tree up during such an emotionally stressful time!