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I like the way your story started, you drew me onto the porch with the scent of evergreens. I love the smell of pine trees.
Wonderfully natural dialogue and some good descriptive phrases - Locking the door to memories overtaking her again today - was my favorite.
The idea that both your MC and Bootsie found comfort in the Christmas tree was a nice touch. Well done.
I agree, it was creative the way the tree brought comfort to the MC and to the cat as well. I liked the practical aspect of her still having the Christmas tree up and not taking it down. The part where she used it for light in the dark corner made me smile. We do sometimes assume the worst about people, don we?
The very tone of the piece spoke "safe place" - and reminded us that sometimes we need to ask to hear another's heart. Enjoyed this.
I enjoyed this sweet, tender story. I can picture her kids worrying about her. Bless her daughter for asking. I love how God sent Bootsie into her life. Great job!
Beautiful. Why cant we keep our Christmas trees up if we want to, anyway?
I wanted to slap her son! For crying out loud....

The ending was a bit abrupt, but I did like the story and it flowed well up to that point. Nice work!
This was a good story, all warm & fuzzy. We should never just assume that what we see is all there is.