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I liked the whole creation of the star part of your story. I wasn't sure just who was speaking though. The scarred palms of the new born infant wasa nice touch although I thought it was stretching truth.
They say there are no coincidences, only God-incidences. As I was reading this, O What a Nigh Divine began to ply on my iTunes.
I agree that scars on the infant was stretching it a bit but I did really like this. I believed it to be an angel speaking but it was a point left up to interpretation which is fine. I espeially love that the star dances--what a lovely image.
Interesting--the scars uniting the members of the Trinity, even before the crucifixion. I like the symbolism.
This was indeed clever, but found it hard to figure out who was telling the story. Interesting with Jesus creating the star that led to His birth place.
Loved the descriptions of the creation of stars. Somewhat confused as to the identity of the MC. Detail of him and his two friends/companions led me to believe it was one of the "learned " ones who brought gifts to Jesus; however, they didn't appear until Jesus was a young boy, so I'm still not sure. The "dancing" characteristic of the star was a delightful way to describe the brilliance and pulsations. :)