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I love it when God brings perspective! I appreciated that the "trouble" wasn't over at the end but her attitude was different. Makes a huge difference!
Sometimes we learn to appreciate what God is doing for us in the most unpleasant situations. This article was well written, interesting and shows how a little sacrifice for the sake of the family can turn into something beautiful.
I really loved it, how that God gave you a little "boost", a kick with the camping boot.
Really nice article, pleasure reading. God bless, littlelight
This is a hilarious story! Good writing job.
Attitude is everything. Nice job. The ending was cute but, I think I would have ended it with her rushing back to her family.
This was totally delightful! I've always enjoyed camping; never camped in a camper, always a tent. My pastor would identify with you; he says he is a Holiday Inn camper. Maybe he would benefit from a dose of the revelation God showed you? Thank you for a well written piece.
I love this & can relate. Thanks for posting.
Great story!
You've developed the character well, I can really identify with her. Her reasons for not liking camping and why she changes are believable. Well done.
Very well done. An examination of her soul, very introstpective with a touch of humor. Thanks