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Aaaawwwwhh! Cute! Good visuals and a nice revelation of what is really important in LIFE!
Delightful story, fun with a good message as well. Very well written.
Very cute! I think the mom got closer to being the (non-existent) "perfect mom" after her revelation rather than before. When kids grow up they won't treasure memories of perfectly clean cars, but will remember the fun and laughter. The resultant messes can be cleaned. Nice entry!
I just noticed the extra note on your hint and came back to look at your entry again. Very clever! I had wondered about a couple of your word choices but had missed "why" you had chosen as you did until I saw the extra note. Cute!
This is great! Wonderful writing. You hooked me right away and kept me involved. Wonderful imagery. Great message. Very nicely done.
Oh,the terrible twos! How we know those so well!
I liked the way she figured out about 'good enough' and how to pick her battles. Excellent work!
I thought it was okay to "yell"/"snap" once DRIVEN to it, ;), just make sure the LOVE is always louder. :) Accurate realism appropriate to all who have/had children. Well done.
Haha. You took the topic and ran with it in a unique and somewhat literal sort of way. I've seen kids play the game of cheerios before, but not LIFE. Just one question though. Was it plain or cinnamon Life? My favorite is the cinnamon. :)

Good job with this fun entry. Very well written with truth that every mother can relate to.
I've been on both ends of the spectrum. (lol)
Caught your play on the game names. Great job. Raising kids and keeping sanity is a game all in itself.(hehe)
Oh, what we moms will do in "survival mode"...very cute story, I loved it!
Great job ending the quarter with a highly commended award! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next quarter! I have a feeling it's going to be good. :)