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A creative take on the topic! Also a good message about being comfortable with who we are.
Love this! It was fun and very creative.
I love than Ann had the confidence to be her unique self. Great job with this. Nice flow of words.
Cute! I'm trying to picture that outfit, and it's snappy all right!

I enjoyed this read a great deal. It may have fizzled a bit at the end--something with more of a punch would be more in line with the tone of the rest of the story.

This is witty and fun.
My mind is boggled at the mental image of that outfit, lol! What a fun take on the topic...well done.
Very creative! I just think it would be a stronger entry if written from first person POV. That's my two cents....thought you did a great job! :)
Cute story! You said on the boards it was poking fun at yourself. If this is true, I agree with another comment that first person may have been a fun way to do this. You could really express her frustration that way. Just a thought. Nice job!
What a unique way to approach the topic, and I was cracking up at that outfit. What a riot!
Good job ... I enjoyed the read. Very creative.
Haha. Having no sense of style whatsoever, I can relate to not understanding these modern fashion terms. I'm just a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.

I like the lighthearted humor in this. Thanks for sharing. :)
A humorous and interesting read. I like the part about "Personality…? Cover that with the mask, it may not appeal!" Dressing to impress is certainly not the way to go, and we ought to dress ourselves appropriately to be who we really are!