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Good entry. Not necessary to put everything in bold. Keep writing.
I never really thought about the difference so I thank you for pointing it out.
Great testimony of the Lord's working our lives. Thanks for daring to share this truth about you with us.
Hmmmm- while I understand your perception of this verse as explained in your writing, I must confess that the KJV of John 8:32 does use the word "set". It continues to speak of us as being "enslaved" in sin and that Jesus, does indeed, set us free from our enslavement. I am not saying you are wrong in your "feeling" of how Jesus continually works in our lives,
I am just seeking clarity in what is said in this verse. You have done a good job in sharing the passion of your heart. :)
I normally don't respond when someone comments on my challenge article, but I must on the above comment, because it's not correct. The quote I'm using in this devotion is John 8:31 and 36. The 1611 KJV of the Bible uses the word "make" you free. I am not a King James only person, but there are certain words in other translations that take away from the meaning of certain verses. The NIV uses the word set, but looking at the Strongs definition, it implies ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.

In Pauls letter to Timothy, he speaks of widows indeed in the church to describe absolute destitution, and how the church is to meet their needs. When Jesus in John 8:36 says that a believer is made to be free indeed, that is the extreem He is describing. It doesn't mean we automatically become sinless, because believing such a notion would make us liars according to others of Johns writings. We are freed from the bondage of continual ongoing sin. We don't have to outwardly sin everyday as some in churches teach and believe, but when we do, we repent of it and confess it.

The number for this word in the Strongs Concordance is: 1658. This is not a big issue and is a small matter. If you disagree with my take on this, that's ok. I was taught by a very good pastor to pay very close attention to what I read in the scriptures. I just wanted to clear that up that the King James Version does say "make" you free, and not "set" you free as the NIV does...Thanks for all your comments...God bless, Randy Gene
The version that uses the word "set" is The New Scofield Study Bible - New International Version. Sorry to mislead anyone. My Scofield is the KJV - I didn't realize I had looked in a different edition. :)