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These stories are not so pleasant to read, but they need also to be told. I like the way the information was presented, in full, without graphics, and the way the truth came out, as it always will.
Great approach to this difficult topic.
Good take on a difficult subject. We need to surround ourselves with people of like mind, if we're Christians. Very nicely done.
Good concept on topic. Interesting to read different ideas on same subject.
What a creative take on the topic -especially having the angels discussing the situation.

Gina's thought processes in planning and believing she will get away with her deception was skillfully portrayed. Well done!
Ooh, how perfect for the topic. I love "satan's dares". The conversation between the angels was great and I like how "they" pointed out that it's the parents' hearts that will be refined.
Great example here of real problems experienced all the time by the youth (and their parents). Yes, we all have to deal with the meddling of satan, but I think it is particularly the youth who suffer at his deception. By stealing away their innocence, he is able to more easily steal away their souls. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing this.
Very creative way to deal with both the topic and the subject. Great job.
Extremely creative, and well-written. Very moving.
Amazing how we can think that we can beat Satan at a game that he has had so much more practice at than we have. Tough experience to have to put down on paper. Blessings on you.
I thought this was very well done. I would have liked to see more of the story from the mom's perspective or even Gina's - it felt a little distant. You said it was difficult to write, though, so I understand the reason. Thank you for sharing, and I pray that God will comfort you and bring you peace!
I can see why this was difficult to write, but you did a good job. The refining of the parents... something to really think about. Thank you.
This is a very difficult subject, but one that needs to be told. Hope you will share this beyond FW's. Maybe it will open some eyes.