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This was a great take on this difficult topic. Loved it.
Good creative story. Nice descriptions. Thanks for this piece.
I loved how you started and ended. Very in-character! Great story.
You do an excellent job telling the story. One way to draw in the reader more would be to show the story....describing the background of the situation, having your MC meet with Anna Mae, and the breaking down confession. In this piece it's almost like you're telling two stories - the MC's, and Anna Mae's. Otherwise, great job on the small-town interests; excellent writing!
I really love the voice of this character--felt like I'd love to get to know her over a cup of coffee.

I liked the different take on the topic! This was easy and entertaining to read. The small town feel definitely comes through! The commas/punctuation sometimes threw me off a bit, but not enough to disrupt my enjoyment of your piece!
Good voice. Liked the rivalry of the baking contest. :)
I really like the last line, and the voice of your MC made me want to actually share something with her. Nice job with the topic.
Loved the easy, conversational tone of this. I also happen to think Betty is a great name. ;0) Kudos for an entertaining read.