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Very well-done Biblical fiction.
This is wonderful. I love the perspective of this piece, the exuberant little boy, the flashbacks and thoughts, then the ending and its implications. Very nice!
I like this. Very well written. :)
I loved this. I liked how you set his thoughts within the scene, it worked well.
I like how you mixed his thoughtful questions with the action in the story. Wasn't quite sure who was talking in the last line though - guess "we" suggests it might be the father. Glad they'll get to hear it from Paul, the tentmaker. Good writing!
I also loved the way you wove the MC's thoughts and the story line together. Great writing!
Really nice writing. :) Got to know your MC well through the thoughts and dialogue. Good job.
Fascinating connection between the birth of Christ and the lambing caves. Nicely done.
I like the concept and it was very well-written. Most of the piece is the inner thoughts, so the dialogue seems a bit thin....but with 750 words, I understand it's a bit hard to fit everything in! Great job!
Great job, weaving in the details. I love how this man has always searched for answers, how he always "knew" that Jesus was special, and now Paul has come to tell him.
You did a good job of crafting this piece together. At first I had a hard time understanding the relation to this week's topic, but by the end, it all made sense. I appreciate you sharing this. It was a pleasure to read.
Interesting...I liked the back and forth between memories and dialogue.
It got a little confusing as you jumped from the Nativity to the Crucifixtion and back to his birth. Also, a little cultural descriptions would have been nice, if you could keep in within the word count.
Great POV. Well done.