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Sweet story--who can resist a puppy for long?

I'm curious as to why you didn't name the main would have given you a few more options than just calling them "husband" and "wife". And I'm not clear on how this works with "charade".

As an empty-nester myself, I could really relate to the emotions here. Very sweet.
Very informative for someone wating to purchase a canine. Our queen presently likes her corgis. The best spin I can put on your piece with regard to charade is the husband's pretense that he didn't want to buy the animal, then did. Thanks!
There's just something about puppies and kittens! I can't resist them, either, but my husband sure can! LoL
Loving animals, of course I enjoyed this story. :) Saw one missed capital letter at the beginning of a sentence - not bad at all. :) I did wonder why the humans didn't have personal names. "Honey" and "Sweetheart" are common endearment names, but I don't recall ever hearing people call their spouses by "wife" and "husband" as endearing terms - just wondering.