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Very good! I had to look up in Genesis and re read the story to refresh my memory of the sequence of events. You hit the nail on the head with this story, and had me intrigued with the developement. I didn't clue in at first, but right on! Thankfully the story turned out like it did...It is humbling to realize that even the great Abram was caught in the charade, with deceit. Thanks to his WIFE, God delivered him from this charade...Helen
I loved this. Very well written, and a great interpretation of the topic.
A great reminder of how even God sees beyond our masks and how others often do as well.
Well done Biblical fiction; I enjoyed getting to know these poeple better.

Take a look at the first words of sentences in your first paragraph. Could you vary them a little, for a more compelling "hook" for your readers?

This was an excellent choice of Bible stories for this week's topic.
Very well executed! And what a great depiction of the impression that Abram's deception gave Pharaoh of God's people! Nice work. Blessings, Cheri
The dialect is a treat - and the embellishments to this account are wonderful. I love your descriptions. A great read!
Excellent choice for the topic. You put us right in the throne room with your illustrations. I liked how Sarai used grace in her addressing Pharoah. Great job.
Great job with descriptions and dialogue. Unique writing on the topic and very enjoyable.
This piece should be in the advance category, not intermediate. :)

VERY well written. I felt the story come to life in a way that I had never felt before when simply reading it in the Bible. Lots of great details and descriptions inserted into this. Thank you for sharing this, Marlene.