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It can be so easy sometimes to take on a new persona, then you have to ask which is the real me? Good story.
I could certainly visualize every outfit! Good descriptions.

You started this story in present tense, then switched to past tense halfway through. And I wasn't clear on if you thought there was something wrong with her deception: after all, she was at a masquerade party, wasn't she?

I'd have loved to be "shown" the party--it sounds like fun.
Lovely descriptions in this enchanting "Cinderella" story. Glad your MC got to live out her fantasy. The scary thing about your concept is that I've seen some try to live their "fantasy" in sin and take such pleasure in it they never desire to leave. I hope your MC easily reverts back to the sweet person you began the story with. :)
Great descriptions--what an outfit!
You certainly teased my gypsy roots! I often wondered if my Hungarian Gram was a gypsy, or of the Aristocracy. She spoke seven languages fluently, but she looked like a pirate! (see Paprikash Dreams!) I have a penchant for bold florals and lots of jewelry...hmmmmmm. Shake your tambourine, gal - your story is a positive delight!


Great story, your imagery is fantastic. This was fun.