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Sad story, but important lesson. Just wish your MC had responded to her grandmother's pleas earlier in her life; so many lost years of learning from this dear one. (sigh) Nicely told. :)
I know someone who is purposely making notes in a Bible to leave for grandchildren. Neat story.
I cling to my Grandmother's bible now. I love reading scriptures she had underlined and the little notes in there.

Very beautiful!
I make notes in my Bible and my mother also does in hers. To me it's very special. Very good job with topic.
What a perfect treasure to seek (and find) - eternal life in our Lord Christ Jesus. I only wish this great story would have ended with her sharing this gift with her children, as one of the verses she read commanded. I was deeply moved as I traveled the road to salvation with your MC. Very nice!
I like how you wove Grandma's message in to the children's game--the internal dialog is what really made this piece.
Ahh, the hearts and prayers of a grandmother, live on even when they are gone. Nice message and cleverly written.
Very precious and truthful writing. We are all blessed that Timothy listened to his grandmother.
What a wise grandmother. They say people who have Bibles that are falling apart (I'm sure that includes marked in) aren't falling apart themselves. Good lesson.
I like this - a wonderful message of hope... :)