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An interesting take on a Mother who had such a deep love for her son she was willing to "hide" him in the reeds rather than risk his being killed by Pharoah's men. I think the story would have more impace if you shortened it a bit. Moses's life is too big to be covered in a 750 word limit. Consider focussing on his Mother having Miriam hide Moses. Let us see what a wrenching decision this was, how desperate she was to try to save her son. Let us hold our breath with Miriam as she watches, wondering what will happen, and how Moses' mother seeks for news about her son. If you stress this aspect, you will have plenty to write about.
These are just suggestions, of course. There are many different ways to go with this. Your story is a good use of the prompt.
I see this more as what Pharaoh's daughter went through after finding Moses. Her newfound Motherhood thrust upon her, her being so young and unprepared. What must have this coupled with losing him and then finding him again do to her and to her faith in her earthly father? I wish the Scriptures had given us more information. But then, this is written as a supposition and not a "Gospel" truth!
Nice writing but I felt as though I read it or saw it before. Be careful when you retell stories and emblish.
oops I spelt embellish wrong!!! Spelling is not my strong suit. I had to look it up and while I was at it...there is a thin line...plagerizim no its plagerism.. Just be cautious
Interesting. I've never thought about Pharoah's daughter beyond the episode there at the Nile.
Creative POV for this topic. :) I agree that you seemed to cover too much of the life of Moses in this space of limited words, but saw that you wanted to tie the beginning "mother" figures to the ending, and that flowed nicely. :)
I love this. I think the POV is original and really makes one think about things they may never have considered before. That's a good thing. I see in no way How this could be plagiarism unless someone wrote a fictional book about the Princess and you copied it from that. There are only so many original ideas in the world. Taking an idea or story that is in the public domain and creating a new story is not plagiarism. I like stories that make me think and look at characters in a way I'd never considered before and you did just that.